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Boost your career with artificial intelligence

At VAIA, the Flanders AI Academy, professionals and researchers can learn about artificial intelligence. We collect and organise training courses to help you learn about or apply the possibilities of AI. VAIA is a collaboration between all the universities and universities of applied sciences and arts in Flanders.

Courses & training in the spotlight

Fairness and bias in NLP

13 June 2024

workshop - Antwerp - UAntwerp, VAIA

Data-driven Approaches to Ancient Languages

27 June 2024

workshop - Ghent - LT3 (UGent), VAIA

What we do

VAIA wants to encourage you to learn about and apply artificial intelligence. We are the gateway to an accessible, flexible and targeted range of training courses. We help organisations that teach about AI to reach their audience and to develop and organise (new) training opportunities.

Six recommendations for targeted education for professionals

How do we make Flemish SMEs enthusiastic about AI innovation when a recent survey shows us that barely 23% of smaller Flemish SMEs have started to dip their toes in AI?

VAIA organized a survey among professionals and combined it with our own expertise to formulate 6 straightforward recommendations to improve education on AI for professionals.


Boost your training course

VAIA collects courses and training about AI. We guide you towards training that fits your needs.



Do you want to organise a training course on AI? We are happy to connect you with possible participants, partners and/or our own expertise in lifelong learning and AI.


Develop together

Looking for a particular training course which is not (yet) available? Together with our partners, we develop and organise new training courses.

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From medical staff to marketeers, nearly all existing professions are being impacted by AI. VAIA was founded by the Flemish Government to prepare and support the Flemish workforce for these transformations. We want to ensure that the Flemish don’t ‘simply’ undergo this new development, but face it in an informed and expert manner.
Bart De Moor, Chairman VAIA